Sensual Massage Spa in Kiambu Town

Are you looking for a massage experience in Kiambu Town? Here is an excellent option you won’t regret.

For the best massage experience in Kiambu is right at the heart of Kiambu town. If you are a woman and want to try out this awesome place then you will not be disappointed. The spa has professionals who offer the best therapeutic massage in town. Most people hold back because they are not sure whether the massage experience is worth it. Here are the tips for the best experience.


Your experience of Kiambu Massage Spa is memorable only if you follow the rules set by the spa. Here are a few points to keep in mind so you get your money’s worth:

You should remain calm and polite to your massage therapist if you want to have the best of experience.

The Kiambu massage spa can add a final touch to your massage only if you trust your therapist.

Some clients are of belief that the female therapists cannot give good deep tissue massage.
However, it depends upon the client on how deep they want. Female therapists can be extreme and give the customer a very painful deep massage. Such pain that most of the customers moan about it.
For the best happy ending massage you have to trust your massage therapist who can add a cherry on the top for you.

A simple trust is always asked by the therapists. They can either enlighten your day by giving you a very deep massage


The spa is strikingly affordable given its excellent service. For about Ksh 4500 you are set to get the sweetest massage treatment there is.



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