Boobjob and Massage For Women

Phone 0731934386

I offer premium services exclusively to women. If you are looking for a boobjob and more, all you have to do is call my number. Your privacy and safety are my priorities, so is your experience with me.

A simple boobjob service involves rocking your breasts, anterior chest, and the rest of the region between the neck and the abdomen gently or vigorously in rhythmic movement. You will love this experience as it relaxes tigh muscles and sure feels awesome.

If you would like to have the boobjob in conjunction with a full body massage, such as a Swedish massage, then I have you covered too. I have mastered the Sedwish massage as well as other types of massage and seasoned to the specific needs of women.

If you are in Spring Valley, Kilimani, or anywhere in Nairobi, just call me and I will make it count.

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